Customize Linux after fresh installation

Run “” from $HOME

Following things to check:
1) Repair the IBUS-error “/usr/share/im-config/data/21_ibus.rc” – no such file or directory
sudo apt-get install ibus

2) Set zsh as default shell
chsh -s $(which zsh)

3) Change GRUB-Settings – Always show GRUB and show boot-messages (edit in /etc/defaults/grub)


4) Set Transparency of the Panel

5) Mount USB-Stick in etc/fstab
This is a prerequisite for doing a backup through rsync on start
a) Get UUID of USB-Stick: blkid
b) Add line to /etc/fstab
c) Test with sudo mount -a
see: Remount etc/fstab without reboot

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