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OData and SAP

Next of my blog-Posts on is up. This time on the various possibilities of using OData within the SAP ecosystem. Howto OData – High level overview Aim is to get an overview of OData and how it can be utilized in the SAP ecosystem. The following topics are covered: 1) What is Odata? 2) How is this useful in...

An Enterprise Architect’s View on SAP Business Technology Platform

To get an idea what this is all about see my post BTP, SCP, CAP, RAP… OMG on Link to the course: Useful Links mentioned in the course: TOGAF SAP Cloud Platform Solution Diagrams & Icons SAP Roadmaps PAM / Upgrade / Maintenance Discovery Center

Good to know – ssh

Create keys: ssh-keygen -t ed25519 \ -a 420 -f ~/.ssh/demo.ed25519 \ – C “Kommentar zum Key” Copy public key to server: ssh-copy-id \ -i ~/.ssh/ \ user@server Add private key to ssh-agent: # ssh-agent eval `ssh-agent -s` ssh-add ~/.ssh/demo.ed25519 ssh-add -l Autostart ssh agent: # ~/.config/systemd/user/ssh-agent.service [Unit] Description=SSH key agent [Service] Type=simple Environment=SSH_AUTH_SOCK=%t/ssh-agent.socket ExecStart=/usr/bin/ssh-agent -D -a $SSH_AUTH_SOCK [Install]

netctl to networkd and iwd

Information: Migration: Wofi: Main configuration is in: /etc/iwd/main.conf Network-Configuration is stored in: /var/lib/iwd Commands – iwctl: device list device wlan0 set-property Powered on station wlan0 scan station wlan0 get-networks station wlan0 connect SSID station wlan0 show station wlan0 disconnect known-networks list known-networks SSID forget


Ranger: ranger User Guide Wiki: Color-Scheme: Plugin mount Plugin – Archives Tutorial Bookmarks: “Type m to bookmark the current directory. You can re-enter this directory by typing `. can be any letter or digit. Unlike vim, both lowercase and uppercase bookmarks are persistent.” (man ranger) Cheatsheets: Video 1: Video 2: Commands: g =...


Themes: Qogir-Light: Dark: Nordic, dracula Change: lxappearance Workaround: Alternative:

Qemu & KVM

General: Higher Resolution: The Windows 10 QXL driver is called “QXL-WDDM-DOD”: TPM2: Commands: virsh list –all Resource:

Conway’s Law – From TDD to DDD

Conway’s Law: “Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.” (wikipedia) “Test Driven Development” (TDD) is a crucial cornerstone if the organization wants to realize CI/CD and be truly “agile”. See this post about TDD for more… However reality looks different: At the 2022 DSAG “Technologietage”...

T480 Dock and Linux – Compatibility reddit Thinkpad Wiki Reddit – Thinkpad Docks

Eclipse & ADT on Arch

SAP Download Site: Eclipse Download: Blog: Lightweight installation Information on arch: Book: ABAPgit: ABAP-quick-fix: DSAG ADT Leitfaden My setup: – Don’t use the provided AUR-packages, instead just extract the tar.gz – Plugin-installation as usual – Config: 1) .desktop file in home-dir/.local/share/applications/eclipse.desktop [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Version=1.0 Name=Eclipse Comment=Eclipse ADT Path=/usr/local/opt/eclipse Exec=eclipse Icon=/usr/local/opt/eclipse/icon.xpm Terminal=false Categories=Development 2)...

The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell

Shamelessly promoting my – still very valid – blog-post of SAP BTP: SAP – BTP, RAP, CAP, CDS, WTF… For further details there is an highly recommended ongoing weekly webcast-series: “The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell”.

Good to know – HTTP Protocol

When tinkering with OData, as well as SAC i’m reminded of the good-old-days of web-development, POST and GET requests, AJAX and service workers: What sounds like a toilet cleaner and a waiter in the restaurant, actually it’s all about the early days of asynchronous web-development and webapps. – Time to have closer look at the prime father of the world...