Monthly Archive: April 2021

Verify Software

see: Basic Steps: – gpg –import key.asc – gpg –verify file.sig – shasum -a 256 -c file.DIGES

Be a shell-warrior on Windows

1) Make the shell more beautiful Pursuit of happiness – oh my Windows terminal is using: – posh-git – Get-ChildItemColor – Powerline Fonts see also: 2) Install WSL – – config for zsh: Load the Plugin plugins=(zsh-dircolors-solarized) and setup the theme: setupsolarized dircolors.ansi-dark 3) Install PowerToys and vim – MS Power Toys – Vim 4) Set Aliases for...

An Enterprise Architect’s View on SAP Business Technology Platform

Link to the course: Useful Links mentioned in the course: TOGAF SAP Cloud Platform Solution Diagrams & Icons SAP Roadmaps PAM / Upgrade / Maintenance Discovery Center


Found a nice interactive game for learning git: Sometimes for me it was not clear what’s the mission, but still quiet nice for beginning to get to known git. Useful commands for commits: go to prevoius commit: git checkout HEAD^ go back two commits: git checkout HEAD~2 Useful commands for branches: create a branch called name at current location:...

Google FLoC

To opt out on your site: Test: