Monthly Archive: April 2021

Verify Software

see: Basic Steps: – gpg –import key.asc – gpg –verify file.sig – shasum -a 256 -c file.DIGES

Be a shell-warrior on Windows

1) Make the shell more beautiful Pursuit of happiness – oh my Windows terminal is using: – posh-git – Get-ChildItemColor – Powerline Fonts see also: 2) Install WSL – – config for zsh: Load the Plugin plugins=(zsh-dircolors-solarized) and setup the theme: setupsolarized dircolors.ansi-dark 3) Install PowerToys and vim – MS Power Toys – Vim 4) Set Aliases for...

An Enterprise Architect’s View on SAP Business Technology Platform

To get an idea what this is all about see my post BTP, SCP, CAP, RAP… OMG on Link to the course: Useful Links mentioned in the course: TOGAF SAP Cloud Platform Solution Diagrams & Icons SAP Roadmaps PAM / Upgrade / Maintenance Discovery Center


Found a nice interactive game for learning git: Sometimes for me it was not clear what’s the mission, but still quiet nice for beginning to get to known git. Useful commands for commits: go to prevoius commit: git checkout HEAD^ go back two commits: git checkout HEAD~2 Useful commands for branches: create a branch called name at current location:...

Google FLoC

To opt out on your site: Test: