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Privacy Tools – Linklist – Learn how to fight mass surveillance with enryption and privacy tools/ Citadel Dispatch e49 – digital privacy tools and strategies with @techloreistaken Details: Yet Another Firefox Hardening Guide Pihole Unbound Recursive DNS


There (are some affiliate) needs a VPN-server in the near future (roadwarrior… not by choice).As my experiences with Wireguard on the EdgeRouterX were not very successful: I’l give it another try on Proxmox. Here we go… – as Wireguard is now part of the kernel it’s super easy (Virt. Maschine, no Container on Proxmox… due to Kernel!). see: and:...

HANA 2.0 & Log4J @Home

Monday to Friday: Log4J @Work Weekend: Log4J @Home 🙂 HANA 2.0: HANA XSA log4j CVE-2021-44228 Ubiquity: UniFi Controller security concern (zero-day Log4j exploit) Docker: Eclipse Full List Github – @SwitHak SwitHak/ Other interesting stuff:

SAP HANA 2.0 express edition on Proxmox

I finally finished the blog-post on the HANA 2.0 express edition installation on Proxmox. see SAP Community to read it Can’t wait to do the first release-upgrade 😉

Gitea & Github

1) Setup private Gitea repository (name: origin) .. and push current branch there (default branch is “master”): git remote add origin https://gitea-url/test.git git push -u origin master 2) Add a new branch publish git branch publish git checkout publish 3) Setup public Github repository (name: public) .. and push branch “publish” to this repository called “public” (careful: default branch is...

Git Repository inside other Git Repository

use “Git Submodules” see: Example: > git submodule add https://url/example.git Target-Folder Quote: “Although is a subdirectory in your working directory, Git sees it as a submodule and doesn’t track its contents when you’re not in that directory. Instead, Git sees it as a particular commit from that repository.” (

Handy Firefox Stuff

Settings for Firefox: 1) Show password suggestions only for subdomain, and not for whole domain (other subdomains as well) in about:config: signon.includeOtherSubdomainsInLookup false source: and

vim – Good to know

What is vim? Vim is a highly configurable text editor, making text-editing efficient (note: not easy). It’s present on most unix/linux-based systems.” ( Why using vim? When there is no other text-editor available on any Unix/Linux/x-System, there is vi. It’s not easy to use, but fun.. For more reasons see ( Personally i use vim to edit config files. For...

Backup-script for TrueNas

As described in the previous post, i modified the awesome script from Jörg Binnewald @ to suit my needs. The script is automatically triggered, when the backup-HDD is attached to the TrueNAS-Server. The Datasets (and child-Datasets) are incrementally backed-up via send/receive (ZFS feature). The source code can be found here: script: A devd-rule (can also be found at...

Data Backup Strategy for ZFS-Pool on TrueNas

In theory there is one solution to backup a TrueNas Data-Share to an external hard disc: Fiddle with send/receive (see below) In practice, there are different options: 1) use syncoid 2) use TrueNas “local replication” 3) use a script with send/receive 4) use rsync Options 1-3 expect ZFS on the target volume, option 4 works with any filesystem. Should i...