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VSCode devcontainer (part 2)

After setting up podman to be used as a devcontainer in VSCode in the previous blog-post, here are some links for a further deep-dive and next steps: Quick repeat of what is a devcontainer Blog-series about using podman as a docker replacement. First steps in the devcontainer based on Create a CAP Application and SAP Fiori UI...

Welcome to grub… hell

Problem: grub gets stuck after an system-update at “welcome to grub” and uefi-setup is loading… Additional information: This did not only struck me… It’s a broken grub package from 26.08.2022 – FS#75701 – grub 2:2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-1 issue Solution: 1) boot from arch usb-stick 2) get information about the system parted -l lsblk 3) perpare the system Mount root...

Docker – Good to know

I don’t run docker containers locally, but on a docker VM on a remote server. Management is done through which adds a nice GUI to Docker and Kubernetes. However sometimes, the CLI is still the place to be: Useful commands: docker run –rm -it = run/pull image docker ps = list all active containers docker attach = attach to...

apt vs apt-get

Ever wondered what’s the difference between apt and apt-get: How-To Geek: apt vs. apt-get: What’s the Difference on Linux?

Rewriting your git history, removing files permanently

see this great article at Steps: 1) Install newest git version (as git >= 2.22.0 is required) For Ubuntu, this PPA provides the latest stable upstream Git version: add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa apt update; apt install git see: 2) install git-filter-repo python3 -m pip install –user git-filter-repo 3) Do it – here remove the file git filter-repo –use-base-name –path [FILENAME]...


not the movie, but the messenger – self-hosted set up and running Infos: also: App: Contact me

OData and SAP

Next of my blog-Posts on is up. This time on the various possibilities of using OData within the SAP ecosystem. Howto OData – High level overview Aim is to get an overview of OData and how it can be utilized in the SAP ecosystem. The following topics are covered: 1) What is Odata? 2) How is this useful in...

Privacy Tools – Linklist – Learn how to fight mass surveillance with enryption and privacy tools/ Citadel Dispatch e49 – digital privacy tools and strategies with @techloreistaken Details: Yet Another Firefox Hardening Guide Pihole Unbound Recursive DNS


There (are some affiliate) needs a VPN-server in the near future (roadwarrior… not by choice).As my experiences with Wireguard on the EdgeRouterX were not very successful: I’l give it another try on Proxmox. Here we go… – as Wireguard is now part of the kernel it’s super easy (Virt. Maschine, no Container on Proxmox… due to Kernel!). see: and:...

HANA 2.0 & Log4J @Home

Monday to Friday: Log4J @Work Weekend: Log4J @Home 🙂 HANA 2.0: HANA XSA log4j CVE-2021-44228 Ubiquity: UniFi Controller security concern (zero-day Log4j exploit) Docker: Eclipse Full List Github – @SwitHak SwitHak/ Other interesting stuff: