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Good to know – ssh

Create keys: ssh-keygen -t ed25519 \ -a 420 -f ~/.ssh/demo.ed25519 \ – C “Kommentar zum Key” Copy public key to server: ssh-copy-id \ -i ~/.ssh/ \ user@server Add private key to ssh-agent: # ssh-agent eval `ssh-agent -s` ssh-add ~/.ssh/demo.ed25519 ssh-add -l Autostart ssh agent: # ~/.config/systemd/user/ssh-agent.service [Unit] Description=SSH key agent [Service] Type=simple Environment=SSH_AUTH_SOCK=%t/ssh-agent.socket ExecStart=/usr/bin/ssh-agent -D -a $SSH_AUTH_SOCK [Install]

netctl to networkd and iwd

Information: Migration: Wofi: Main configuration is in: /etc/iwd/main.conf Network-Configuration is stored in: /var/lib/iwd Commands – iwctl: device list device wlan0 set-property Powered on station wlan0 scan station wlan0 get-networks station wlan0 connect SSID station wlan0 show station wlan0 disconnect known-networks list known-networks SSID forget


Ranger: ranger User Guide Wiki: Color-Scheme: Plugin mount Plugin – Archives Tutorial Bookmarks: “Type m to bookmark the current directory. You can re-enter this directory by typing `. can be any letter or digit. Unlike vim, both lowercase and uppercase bookmarks are persistent.” (man ranger) Cheatsheets: Video 1: Video 2: Commands: g =...


Themes: Qogir-Light: Dark: Nordic, dracula Change: lxappearance Workaround: Alternative:

Qemu & KVM

General: Higher Resolution: The Windows 10 QXL driver is called “QXL-WDDM-DOD”: TPM2: Commands: virsh list –all Resource:

T480 Dock and Linux – Compatibility reddit Thinkpad Wiki Reddit – Thinkpad Docks

zfs-utils & zfs-dkms update

Error-Message: installing zfs-utils (2.1.4-1) breaks dependency ‘zfs-utils=2.1.3’ required by zfs-dkms 0) Get current installed kernel and check compatibility uname -r 1) Remove the “Ignore these packages on regular upgrade”: in /etc/pacman.conf add [options] #IgnorePkg=zfs-dkms 2) Update zfs-dkms and zfs-utilis simultaneously (when yay calls pacman to install built packages, it does it sequentially.) Use yay -Sa –nodeps zfs-dkms zfs-utils Source:


To test HD health using SMART data: Commands: Test: sudo smartctl -t /dev/sdc Results: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdc

OpenSSL 3 f**** up everything

Another arch upgrade, another f**-up. Arch decided to move from OpenSSL 1.1 LTS to 3.0.7-2 breaks a lot in the system – Look at the threads at For me it broke zfs-utils and therefor the succesful mounting of my home-directory. No home – no login… bad The solution, as stated in (totally different software, same issue, same solution):...

Linux Init processes – and zfs autoimport

Collection of resources on Linux init-demons. It covers the (historical) demons system V, and upstart, as well as the current one: systemd: see – How To Configure a Linux Service to Start Automatically After a Crash or Reboot – Part 1: Practical Examples However as stated, systemd is “more than an init daemon: systemd is a framework that encompasses...