Monthly Archive: October 2021

Git Repository inside other Git Repository

use “Git Submodules” see: Example: > git submodule add https://url/example.git Target-Folder Quote: “Although is a subdirectory in your working directory, Git sees it as a submodule and doesn’t track its contents when you’re not in that directory. Instead, Git sees it as a particular commit from that repository.” (

UI5 Linklist – From Abap to Fullstack

see: Linklist: UI5: Licensing 30 days of UI5 Get Started: Setup, Tutorials, and Demo Apps UI5 Sample Library Clean SAPUI5: More readable, maintainable and testable code TechEd 2022 – Bringing UI to the Next Level with SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components CSS: CSS-Tricks JavaScript/TypeScript: Programing Models: CAP

Arch AUR – yay “xy is not a clone of”

Problem: The AUR yay-update of a package fails with the error message like “xy is not a clone of” Solution: Delete the source clone mentioned in the error message. Be careful: Not the PKGBUILD, but the clone that goes into the same directory as the PKGBUILD by default. Afterwards yay will clone the repository again and update.