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Eclipse & ADT on Arch

SAP Download Site: Eclipse Download: Blog: Lightweight installation Information on arch: Book: ABAPgit: ABAP-quick-fix: My setup: – Don’t use the provided AUR-packages, instead just extract the tar.gz – Plugin-installation as usual – Config: 1) .desktop file in home-dir/.local/share/applications/eclipse.desktop [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Version=1.0 Name=Eclipse Comment=Eclipse ADT Path=/usr/local/opt/eclipse Exec=eclipse Icon=/usr/local/opt/eclipse/icon.xpm Terminal=false Categories=Development 2) Wayland – Force...

The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell

Shamelessly promoting my – still very valid – blog-post of SAP BTP: SAP – BTP, RAP, CAP, CDS, WTF… For further details there is an highly recommended ongoing weekly webcast-series: “The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell”.

Good to know – HTTP Protocol

When tinkering with OData, as well as SAC i’m reminded of the good-old-days of web-development, POST and GET requests, AJAX and service workers: What sounds like a toilet cleaner and a waiter in the restaurant, actually it’s all about the early days of asynchronous web-development and webapps. – Time to have closer look at the prime father of the world...

zfs-utils & zfs-dkms update

Error-Message: installing zfs-utils (2.1.4-1) breaks dependency ‘zfs-utils=2.1.3’ required by zfs-dkms 1) Remove the “Ignore these packages on regular upgrade”: in /etc/pacman.conf add [options] #IgnorePkg=zfs-dkms 2) Update zfs-dkms and zfs-utilis simultaneously (when yay calls pacman to install built packages, it does it sequentially.) Use yay -Sa –nodeps zfs-dkms zfs-utils Source:

ABAP 7.4 and beyond

While “ABAP Cloud” and Steampunk is the next big thing… there is modern ABAP available already long time ago. Stay tuned for a new repository, meanwhile check out these resources. Resources: berater-wiki (Neues ABAP ab Release 7.40) SAP styleguides – CleanCode – Modern ABAP Language Elements “Modern ABAP” is or should be used in connection with “Clean Code“:...


To test HD health using SMART data: Commands: Test: sudo smartctl -t /dev/sdc Results: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdc

ABAP Cloud

Collection of Information. More to come… 22.12.2022 – ABAP Cloud 5.9.2022b – Embedded Steampunk – Some more details for ABAP developers 30.09.2021 – Steampunk is going all in ABAPConf 2022 – Steampunk

Test – Code – Refactor – Repeat: A quick look on TDD

Can you spot the difference? Likely i start coding before testing, hell – often i start coding before the requirements are fixed… Code – Requirements – Refactor – GoLive – Test But there is a better way… TDD.

OData by Example

The last blog-posts laid the theoretical foundation for the OData protocol: Now it’s time for some hands-on. The repository gives examples for service-usage, implementation with SAP CAP, RAP and Fiori. – updated step by step…

HANA partitioning

General information 2.1 Mrd records limit: