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Eclipse & ADT on Arch

SAP Download Site: Eclipse Download: Blog: Lightweight installation Information on arch: Book: ABAPgit: ABAP-quick-fix: My setup: – Don’t use the provided AUR-packages, instead just extract the tar.gz – Plugin-installation as usual – Config: 1) .desktop file in home-dir/.local/share/applications/eclipse.desktop [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Version=1.0 Name=Eclipse Comment=Eclipse ADT Path=/usr/local/opt/eclipse Exec=eclipse Icon=/usr/local/opt/eclipse/icon.xpm Terminal=false Categories=Development 2) Wayland – Force...

VSCode devcontainer (part 1)

Coding SAP is Eclipse based ADT, it’s Business Application Studio and.. oh sure it’s VSCode. I’m playing around with CDS, UI5 and CAP. But – and this is important – i don’t want to pollute my system with strange dependencies like npm (see here). But there is a solution for that.. – using devcontainers in VSCode. What is a Devcontainer?...


not the movie, but the messenger – self-hosted set up and running Infos: also: App: Contact me

Privacy Tools – Linklist – Learn how to fight mass surveillance with enryption and privacy tools/ Citadel Dispatch e49 – digital privacy tools and strategies with @techloreistaken Details: Yet Another Firefox Hardening Guide Pihole Unbound Recursive DNS


There (are some affiliate) needs a VPN-server in the near future (roadwarrior… not by choice).As my experiences with Wireguard on the EdgeRouterX were not very successful: I’l give it another try on Proxmox. Here we go… – as Wireguard is now part of the kernel it’s super easy (Virt. Maschine, no Container on Proxmox… due to Kernel!). see: and:...

Handy Firefox Stuff

Settings for Firefox: 1) Show password suggestions only for subdomain, and not for whole domain (other subdomains as well) in about:config: signon.includeOtherSubdomainsInLookup false source: and

vim – Good to know

What is vim? Vim is a highly configurable text editor, making text-editing efficient (note: not easy). It’s present on most unix/linux-based systems.” ( Why using vim? When there is no other text-editor available on any Unix/Linux/x-System, there is vi. It’s not easy to use, but fun.. For more reasons see ( Personally i use vim to edit config files. For...

Verify Software

see: Basic Steps: – gpg –import key.asc – gpg –verify file.sig – shasum -a 256 -c file.DIGES

Be a shell-warrior on Windows

1) Make the shell more beautiful Pursuit of happiness – oh my Windows terminal is using: – posh-git – Get-ChildItemColor – Powerline Fonts see also: 2) Install WSL – – config for zsh: Load the Plugin plugins=(zsh-dircolors-solarized) and setup the theme: setupsolarized dircolors.ansi-dark 3) Install PowerToys and vim – MS Power Toys – Vim 4) Set Aliases for...

tmux – Good to know

Why tmux? 1) Because it makes life easier: 2) Because it’s beautiful: [tmux] is my WM on OS x from unixporn For a beginners guide see: Cheat-Sheet: use “prefix key” “Ctrl + a” (changed in my config, standard is “Ctrl + b”), release, then press “command key”. You can get help with: “prefix kex” + ? command...