VSCode devcontainer (part 2)

After setting up podman to be used as a devcontainer in VSCode in the previous blog-post, here are some links for a further deep-dive and next steps:

Quick repeat of what is a devcontainer
Blog-series about using podman as a docker replacement.
First steps in the devcontainer based on Create a CAP Application and SAP Fiori UI

My personal devcontainers can be found at (currently still private repository): https://github.com/dapuru/devcontainer

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  1. October 8, 2022

    […] all the processes support a single, modular function. This is the case eg. in Dev-Containers (see former blog-posts) – i do need this for the web-devcontainer containing πŸ™‚ nginx, or lighttpd and […]

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