tmux – Good to know

Why tmux?
1) Because it makes life easier:
2) Because it’s beautiful:

[tmux] is my WM on OS x from unixporn

For a beginners guide see:

use “prefix key” “Ctrl + a” (changed in my config, standard is “Ctrl + b”), release, then press “command key”. You can get help with: “prefix kex” + ?

command key result
split pane lef/right %
split pane top/bottom ” (i configured as -)
Navigate panes arrow keys
resize panes hold prefix key + arrow keys
Pane to fullscreen / back to normal z
Closing panes c (or type exit)
Detach from tmux d or D
List all open sessions tmux ls
Attach to tmux tmux attach -t 0
, Rename current window


Customize tmux:

> sudo apt install –yes powerline

add the following to your ~/.tmux.conf file:
> set -g default-terminal “screen-256color”
> source “/usr/share/powerline/bindings/tmux/powerline.conf”

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