SAP: Quick Look – Streaming process chains

The classical approach to load data into SAP BW is by using extractors. With SAP HANA there is SDA and SDI, as well as native modeling – which leverage the HANA capabilities using calculation views.
However sometimes virtual data models are not sufficient (eg due to performance bottle-necks), but there is still “near” real-time data needed. This is where “streaming process chains” come in handy.
Good news: They are also available since BW 7.5 – not only in BW/4HANA.

Architectural considerations:
– useful for frequently changing data, where fast data-load is needed. eg. sensor-data (“near” real-time data)
– HANA-DB is needed
– aware: multiple background-jobs needed, when PCs queue-up on “default background mode” (see

Key facts:
– available since BW 7.5 and on BW/4HANA
– replaces RDA (“dealtime data acquisition), which only supports Cubes and “classical” BW artifacts)
– ODP-SAPI and SLT datasources (ODQMON) instead of qRFC (rsa7) and PSAs !!
– Technical details: “Queued Task Manager Framework”
– Different modes: Push vs. Pull (intelligent and scheduled)

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