Sometimes still needed, the SAP IGS is a pure source of joy..
The Internet Graphics Service (IGS) helps to display graphics in an Internet browser. It’s used eg. in HTML GUI or Web Dynpro ABAP/Java and “provides a server architecture where data from an SAP system or another source can be used to generate graphical or non-graphical output.” The component is integrated in SAP Web AS. See:

Note 458731: IGS Main note
Note 2686360: Initial check for IGS problems based on ABAP systems – Guided Answers
Note 514841: Fehleranalyse bei Problemen mit dem IGS

Transaction SIGS with destination IGS_RFC_DEST or test RFC-Destination in sm59

Error messages:

  • igswd_mt, IGS Watchdog, GRAY, Stopped
  • Error When Calling IGS “IGS error:ProcessChartRequest (RFC_EXTERNAL_FAILURE)”
  • Graph cannot be generated due to IGS failure: RFC Communication Error.
  • Internal error when communicating with the IGS
  • Problem accessing the Internet Graphics Server(IGS)

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